Things that Most Homeowners Forget to Disinfect and Clean

During the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, people are forced to stay at home with their families. Because of that, it’s vital to make sure that your home is sanitized and clean to keep everyone safe and healthy. While you need to maintain your usual cleaning routine, you just have to ensure not to forget disinfecting and cleaning the following things found in your house: 


Carpets should undergo deep cleaning so that the contaminants and bacteria embedded into the fibers of the carpet will be extracted. So, it’s highly recommended to hire carpet cleaning Gilbert experts to get your carpets cleaned once every 12-18 months or about twice a year if you have pets or kids.  

Ice Cube Tray 

If you always use your ice cube tray dally to keep your drinks refreshing and cold, you need to know that these trays can become dirty just like any other kitchen tools you have. Hence, it’s vital to clean your ice trays or run them through the dishwasher monthly. If you own a silicone tray, then it would be best if you clean it by soaking it in warm water and a vinegar mixture.  

Trash Bin 

Inevitably, trash bins are one of the filthiest items you have in your house as they are intended to hold all of your trash. Because of that, you need to wipe down the exterior and interior surfaces of your trash bins to guarantee that it’s free from bacteria. Make sure to utilize high-end trash can bags or liners that can efficiently contain liquids and other materials that could spill.  


After using your microwave from time to time, its insides can be accumulated with so much oil and grease from the several foods that you’ve heated. Moreover, your microwave’s outside surface—especially the touchpad—retains plenty of bacteria from your fingers. So, it’s important to clean your microwave units every week using water and soap.  

Shower Curtain 

If you haven’t washed your shower curtain for a long time, you can expect mildew and mold to start appearing in areas where the curtain folds on itself. For that, it would be ideal if you put your shower curtain in your washing machine every month or more often than that if you want.  


Throughout the day, doorknobs are continually used and touched by all of your family members. Hence, it’s only obvious why they become extremely dirty. Remember that bacteria can thrive well on metal surfaces like doorknobs for approximately 8 hours. Hence, cleaning them with disinfectant every few days is important. 


It may seem that your bathroom or kitchen’s tile surfaces can be cleaned by just scrubbing or mopping every month. But this method doesn’t help in removing grime and bacteria that are hidden within the pores of the tile and in your grout. The best way to deep-clean your tile effectively is to hire an expert who can effectively clean them using their powerful cleaning equipment.